1. Pricing Subject to Change 
Prices are based on the client first consultation

2. Payment Options
payment in full by cash, cheque, or direct credit. Clients paying the full cost of the program before commencing will receive a 10% discount. The discount is only applicable to the normal prices and does not apply to any other specials. 

3. Individual Consultation and Programme Payment Terms
Payments for individual consultations are to be made in full prior to the session. Clients paying for a full programme receive discounted pricing compared to paying for individual sessions. The cost per session pricing reflected on the website is for programme cost comparison only.

4. Appointments and Bookings
Sessions will be pre-booked and clients are expected to turn up on time, as the sessions will start and finish on the scheduled times. Clients are encouraged to keep to their schedule and should discuss any major changes desired with Julie well in advance.

5. Suspension or Incompletion of the Programme Term
If unable to complete the full term, suspension of a programme will be considered based on the following information that is required of you, the client:

2 weeks notice (minimum)  |  Valid reason, e.g. health, travelling overseas  |  Clear indication of return date

6. Cancellations
Session cancellations due to unforeseen circumstances such as bereavement, sickness or injury, can be rescheduled without charge at the discretion of the trainer.

Any cancellations with less than 24 hours notice or failure to show will count as a used session.

7. Refund Policy
If clients wish to cease the program before the end of the due term, any unused sessions can be held for another time, gifted to another person, or forfeited. Any refund requested for the part of the program not completed (less the non-refundable 50% or cost of used sessions) is at the discretion of the proprietor.

8. Rights Reserved to Supply Services
Pure Fitness reserves the right to decline the offer of services to people who the principal deems not suitable for the programmes offered. A pre-exercise questionnaire will be used to assess candidates suitability for the services offered.

9. Service Standard
The principal of Pure Fitness will endeavour to deliver a high quality and confidential service in a safe environment. Pure Fitness welcomes any concerns, suggestions and enquiries related to the service.